Participate in Armenia’s SME development

The main functions of the SME Association are

Creating business connections

SMECA unites more than 350 members which operate in different sectors of the Armenian economy. The Association also has a large network of partners, allowing us to strengthen our members' business relations and networks. If you have financing or accounting questions, want to improve your operations, or want to develop a business plan, the SME Association will provide you with assistance from experienced professionals and organizations operating in your field.

SME economic development and support

SMECA co-founded the IRIS BUSINESS INCUBATOR, which provides a full range of business development services — including financing — to Syrian-Armenian and local entrepreneurs. "Open Access Entrepreneurship: Creating an Ecosystem of Green Enterprises Led by Women" will provide training for women living in the highlands, and the winners will receive a grant to start a business in their communities.

SME advocacy

Due to Armenia’s turbulent economic environment, SMEs frequently can not keep up with constantly changing laws, and very often their interests are overlooked due to their lack of awareness. Because SMEs create jobs, and develop and improve Armenia’s living standards, the Association works to protect their interests by advocating to the relevant state bodies. For example, the Association organizes "breakfasts" with the heads of various state departments, during which Association members can discuss their challenges in an informal environment.

Improving the legislative framework

Through the Association, your voice can be heard by politicians and government leaders. We listen to you, and analyze the challenges you face and their business impacts. We create proposals that will bring about positive change. We design new legislative structures to create a more affordable operating environment for small and medium-sized businesses.

SME consulting

Within the Association, there are subgroups for various economic sectors. By joining a subgroup, you can develop relationships with other organizations in your sector, exchange experience and knowledge, and get your questions answered by experts in your field.


Through direct mail, our Facebook page, and our website, we publish information on legislative changes, new regulations, and business development opportunities. Occasionally, we share success stories from our member organizations.

State-private sector dialogue

We discuss and solve your problems, and present your suggestions to relevant governmental councils, such as: SME Council of the NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs; SME Development Council under the Vice Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia; Anti-Corruption Coalition Governing Council under the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia; Extended Public Committee on State Revenues Improvement Policy under the Minister of Finance; Sub-Council of the SME Development Council of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Armenia; Management Council of the Food Inspection Body of the Republic of Armenia; and Management Council of the Urban Planning, Technical and Fire Safety Inspection Body of the Republic of Armenia.

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