The SME Cooperation Association unites people who believe that resources and opportunities are not the only determinants of success. The will is essential for achieving great things.

Our mission is to create a society where any citizen who has an idea and is determined to make it a reality has the opportunity to launch their own small business, develop it, operate ethically within the law, be profitable, and aim for continuous development.


SMECA NGO was established in 2014 by Hakob Avagyan, Varazdat Karapetyan, Gorg Poghosyan, Hayk Ayvazyan, Shake Havan, Anush Aslanyan and Artyom Tadosyan. The founders had many years of experience in the SME sector and decided to create an independent institution that would focus its efforts on protecting SME interests.

Since its establishment, the Association has garnered more than 500 members, and implemented many local and international programs and projects.

Currently, the SME Association is the co-founder of IRIS Business Incubator, co-chairs the NA-SME Council under the NA Committee on Economic Affairs, and is a member of 14 public councils.


Our strategic goals are to:

  • Establish business relations between representatives of the SME sector
  • Support SMEs to develop economically
  • Raise awareness of challenges faced by SMEs
  • Advise on SME creation and management
  • Improve the legislative framework
  • Advocate for our members’ interests 
  • Assist the Armenian government in implementing an SME strategy.

Through accomplishing the above goals, we will resolve the following challenges:

  • Increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of SMEs
  • Entry of SMEs into foreign markets
  • Introduction of innovative solutions and effective management methods to the SME sector