We offer

Advocacy and legal advice

  • Protecting the interests of Association members
  • Problem-solving support
  • Effective communication with public authorities

Cooperation with the Armenian government and National Assembly

  • Implementation of legislative changes in the NA-SME platform
  • Direct contact with the Armenian government and departments
  • Opportunity to raise issues within the framework of private-public dialogue

Creating connections

  • Exclusive events only for Association members
  • Opportunity to share knowledge and experience due to direct and honest communication.
  • Networking with public and private sector leaders by participating in Association events

Opportunity to participate in the development of Armenia’s SME sector

  • Opportunity to participate in the implementation of the SME development strategy approved by the Armenian government.
  • Opportunity to participate in the implementation and development of the Association’s strategy.
  • More industry and public visibility through serving as a representative of the SME Association.

Other benefits

  • Special discounts on goods and services produced by other members of the Association.
  • Discounted participation in events organized by the Association.
  • All services provided by the Association are available to members at a discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the membership fee be used for?

The membership fee is used to fund the Association’s activities. The fee helps provide the staff’s salary, maintain the Association’s office, and cover expenses related to protecting members’ interests.

Why don’t you fund the Association with grants?

Grants are awarded for specific purposes, but do not always fully align with the Association’s objectives. Therefore, the membership fee is necessary to ensure the Association can carry out all its activities and support members’ interests.

Do you participate in grant programs?

Yes, the Association regularly participates in grant competitions that align with its goals. We hope to use those grants to create new opportunities and strengthen our existing activities.

Is the Association’s financial report publicly available?

The Association governs transparently and its annual financial statements are available on its website. In addition, the Association provides detailed reports of all its activities.

How is the Association governed?

The Association’s highest governing body is its Governing Board, which is elected by members at the organization’s convention. Each member can participate in elections and be elected to the board. Board meetings are open to all board members.

How is management transparency ensured?

The Association’s Board develops and establishes procedures based on best practices in corporate governance. The aim of the Association’s governance structure is to guarantee that the Association’s activities will not be conditioned by a single person.

How do members participate in the Association’s activities?

The Association encourages members to participate in all activities. Just contact the staff and submit your suggestions and thoughts. Through active participation, engaged members can help make the Association more effective.

How will the Association support me if I have a problem with the State?

The Association encourages members to immediately inform them if they encounter a problem with any state body and to submit the problem in writing. After reviewing the written complaint, the Association contacts the relevant state body, and supports fair examination, analysis, and resolution of the case.

How has the Association helped its members in their relations with the state?

The Association will stand with its members to ensure a fair solution to any problem. We have helped members cancel tax fines and get government support under Covid-19. Because of our efforts, the entire SME sector has been included in government support programs.

How do you pay the membership fee?

After signing the membership agreement, at the end of each month, the Association will issue an electronic invoice for the membership fee, which can be paid by bank transfer to the Association’s bank account.


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