The will is essential for achieving great things.

Join the largest SME union in Armenia

Our mission is to promote the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Armenia, which will

》Be profitable
》Be competitive
》Contribute to the growth of their employees and partners
》Respect the law
》Strive for continuous development
》Do their jobs effectively and creatively
》Advance their business interests by being a member of the Union

Our benefits

By working with the SME Cooperation Association, small and medium-sized enterprises have a stronger, more efficient, and united voice when communicating with government agencies, financial institutions, and international organizations than they can have alone. The association brings together new partners, potential investors, and suppliers through forums, conferences, and exhibitions. We believe that linking business to business is especially valuable for small enterprises.

Creating business connections

Supporting SME development

Raising awareness

Consulting for SMEs

Improving the legislative framework

Advocating for SME business interests

We have been working with the SME community for more than 10 years
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projects implemented

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SMEs financed

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SMEs supported

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