The GortsaraR business development platform launched

հունիս 21, 2019|News (links)

GortsaraⓇ The business development platform, which aims to unite and develop Armenia's business environment, which includes all necessary means and tools. During the event, were held series of discussions on business activities in Armenia, ways of developing investments, obstacles. During the Public-Private Sector Dialogue Platform, the Co-founder of SME Association Hakob Avagyan mentioned that first of all, it is necessary to restore the dialogue between the Government and SMEs, as it is the first precondition for the development of entrepreneurship. He also reminded that during the meeting with the representatives of the Armenian Prime Minister and SME representatives on June 29, an agreement was reached to restore the work of the SME Development Council adjunct to the RA Prime Minister, which should be convened at least once a quarter with the executive. So far no session has been convened in this platform. It is encouraging that as a platform for SME dialogue has been formed and operated the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs of the NA Standing Committee on SME Working Group platform.