Reproduction of violated interests of Aries Lunch company

մայիս 21, 2019|News (links)

Dear Members of the Association, SME representatives,
Based on its core goals, the SME Association constantly carries out measures aimed at protecting SMEs. Some of them are implemented through legislative changes through public-private dialogue, and some of them are implemented in specific cases by presenting the interests of full members of the Association in state bodies and courts.
A few days ago, with the direct efforts and participation of the Director of the Association, Tigran Gasparyan, a complaint was filed with the SRC Appeal Committee, to redress the violated interests of Aries Lunch, a full member of the Association, the delegate of the 2017 Congress. Today we received the response of the commission, according to which the complaint was satisfied and the administrative act made against Aries Lanch was declared invalid.
Thanks for cooperation Arman Petrosyan, Hakob Avagyan and members of the appeal board of State Revenue Committee of Armenia.
Special thanks to Director of the Association Tigran Gasparyan for the work done.
The mentioned cases when the Association assumes the protection of the interests of the members of the Association, subsequently forms the basis for proposals for legislative amendments to eliminate their causes.
Association members' interests are protected by association.