Meeting of the working group of SME enterprises

ապրիլ 18, 2019|Meetings

On April 19, within the framework of the EU-funded "Constructive Dialogue Commitment" program, was held a meeting of the working group of SME enterprises.
The vice president of "SME Cooperation Association" Hakob Avagyan presented the program, the SME Sector Survey in Armenia 2018, developed by the Armenian Business Coalition in the scope of the program, which was submitted to the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments last fall.
We know that the strategy for SME development for 2019-21 years is in the process and we asked to present in what stage it is now,’’he said.
Avag Avanesyan, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Investments, mentioned that SME strategy is now under an active discussions and that the position of civil society is very important and the opinions of partners' about what should be priorities, events, and other.
“The implemented analysis has already had its impact on the strategy. Thus, we decided to define which directions the state would support for SME Development in Armenia and what SME priorities there are,” mentioned the Deputy Minister.