Conference on human rights protection in business

հուլիս 24, 2019|Congregation

The Co-Founder / Vice-President of the Association Hakob Avagyan participated in the trilateral discussions of Armenia-Bulgaria-Georgia on the protection of businessmen on the initiative of the Human Rights Defender. The workshop was attended by representatives of the Human Rights Defender's Office, the Ombudsman of Bulgaria and Georgia, RA state bodies and NGOs, as well as experts and Deputies of the National Assembly. Hakob Avagyan presented that at the moment with the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia they have initiated the adoption of the Law on Entrepreneurial Mediator in the Republic of Armenia and the introduction of the Institute for Protection of Business Interests.A discussion and exchange of views with the Ombudsman was also held on this topic. An agreement was reached to discuss separately the latest version of the Draft Law on Entrepreneur Mediator.